Voile du Sud Engineering guarantees you a sail made with the best fabrics on the market specially designed for the production of Australian shade sails. Thanks to their experience, Voile du Sud Engineering offers fabrics made by its referenced manufacturers, South African and Australian. All fabrics are guaranteed for 10 years by these manufacturers.

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ALNET EXTRABLOCK is the reference for sun protection. It guarantees you over time very good protection against UV rays, heat, brightness and bad weather. Itsfiber-dyed polyethylene woven with6needles stretched when heated after manufacture, and its special UV treatment, provide excellent colour fastness over time, good resistance against water, deformation and soiling. The canvas ALLNET EXTRABLOCK is recommended for all types of sail, especially for larger sails, regardless of their location and size. Weight approximately 340g /m2.

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SUNBLOCK is a light weight shade fabric specifically designed by ALNET for residential usage, and whose structures ordimensional constraints make it possible to use a lighter fabric. This canvas is available in six colours fora weight of210g/m2. The SUNBLOCK canvas is also perfectly suited for small shade sails, in sheltered area, allowing greater clarity, with a lesser UV and sun protection.

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The PolyFX canvas is a polyethylene fabric woven with 4needles, ideal for sails used at home from small to medium size (perimeter of up to 28 metres) This fabric offers optimal protection against UV with a complete BASF treatment and with its weight of230 g /m2 it provides quality shading.

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Z25 is a fabric woven with 3 needles with a Z structure which ensures good flexibility and resistance for sails of small to medium size designs. This fabric blocks at least 96% of UV rays and has water-repellent properties.



Driz is a waterproof fabric resistant to all weather conditions. This fabric consists of a braided shade fabric of high-density polyethylene and laminated with a protective layer of low density polyethylene which allows for its water resistance. This fabric is recommended for sun and rain protection, ideal in tropical conditions, for example.

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