After you have decided on the shape and position of your sail, several other things must be considered to determine the structure. A suitable design will allow your shade sail to fulfil its functions properly. Whether it be for a courtyard, a garden, a tarmacked car park, decking or a pool area.

If your sail is attached by all 4 corners, high and low anchor points must be defined. The defined inclination of the sail will therefore allow the water to run off during heavy rains, prevent general wear and improve aesthetics. Before digging to set the concrete base for securing the posts, make sure that there are no cables or pipes that pass underground in that area. If you plan to anchor points on adjacent structures, do not underestimate the stress that may be exerted. This tension increases greatly during bad weather. If in doubt, consult an engineer, and do not hesitate to dismantle your sails in case of a storm.

download your shade sail Installation guide in PDF